Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Spring Sprung and then what happened?

Well, I am sitting here on my couch looking at a sky filled with ominous clouds and it's cold (o.k. just cool) outside. Cloudy, cold/cool, and looking like buckets of rain will be dropping from the sky at any moment. Just a week ago everything was leafing out, it was sunny, warm, and I was inspired to start my veggie garden. So I did. And how they're soaking in filtered sunlight in the warmth of garaged walls.

Spring sprung and then what happened? I can't wait for Spring to come back! It just does something to me. Inspires me. Propels me to cross things off my virtual to-do list that I've been procrastinating on. Like my blog. I have been wanting to get back at it. But let's face it, life happens. And in the past few months we moved (definitely not an easy task with a baby and a 3 year old), we had the holidays, we celebrated my baby's 1st birthday, and we are trying to get settled.
So here I am, re-inspired to start blogging all my deals, my current happenings of life, my attempts at living green, my cooking and baking escapades. One current production about to begin at our home is the landscaping of our backyard. Before pictures will come, but it is hard to get motivated to take as artistic of a picture as you can of a fence and dirt.
We will hopefully be under way in a week or so, which means I may get to plant an honest to goodness garden (vs. potted tomatoes, bell peppers, beans, peas, and eggplant). Yay! And, we are even contemplating building a chicken coop and raising our own egg laying hens. Gasp. Who woulda ever thought I would WANT to raise chickens? It's the country girl in me. ((I DID do 4-H as a kiddo. Raised my own pig, thankyouverymuch). It is alive and well in me apparently :)

Hope you enjoy the ride!

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