Friday, November 27, 2009

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My Rite Aid Holiday of Savings Update

Remember the Rite Aid Holiday Gift of Savings I talked about before? Well after my Black Friday shopping trip today, I am already 1/3 of the way there and I haven't spent a dime! Actually, I'm already making money via the Single Check Rebate (SCR) program. Here's where my tally is at right now:

Huggies Pure and Natural Diapers 11.99
Phillips In Ear Headphones 4.99
Luvs Jumbo pack diapers 9.99
Benevia Nutritional Drink 7.99
Subtotal = 34.96

-11.99 Huggies Free Diaper Voucher (won on Huggies Enjoy the Ride Website)
-5.00 Luvs Diaper Coupon (home mailer from a while back)
-5.00 Benevia IP coupon
= 12.97 + 2.88 tax = 15.85, paid w/ 10.00 Gift Card and 5.85 oop (out of pocket), but will get back 17.98 in SCR.

7.99 Benevia SCR
3.00 Huggies SCR
2.00 Luvs SCR
4.99 Phillips Headphone SCR

Total Savings = 39.97
Total = $5.00 Money maker (actually more like a 13.00 moneymaker for me since I paid with a gift card I got for free from a promotion they had last month!) Plus the pre-coupon total (i.e. 34.96) will go towards my 100.00 goal for the Gift of Savings, which when I reach that, means I'll get another 20.00 gift certificate. I still have the 20.00 gift certificate from the Fall Gift of Savings, which I am debating on what to spend it on. The only kicker with the Gift of Savings Program is that the 20.00 comes in the form of a gift certificate good only at Rite Aid and you have to spend it in one transaction. This won't be hard to do since it's the holiday season and I can easily stock up on holiday decorations/gift wrap/stocking stuffers, etc. and again, that purchase will roll into the new Holiday Gift of Savings program (Whew, are you confused yet? ;)

Monday, November 23, 2009

In my mailbox

To all you new couponers out there, be encouraged! Mail in rebates really do work!

Today, in my mailbox, I received a 10.00 gift card to Rite Aid for a promotion they had in their October Single check rebate program; a 20.00 check from Olay for their eye roller deal last month (which double counted for my 100.00 Rite Aid Gift of Savings reward); (2) 5.00 checks from SC Johnson for purchasing candles at Kmart when they had their double coupon days back at the end of September (or was it beginning of October? I can't remember anymore!) I also have my 64.00 Single Check Rebate check from October that's still waiting to be deposited. So that's 104+ dollars I have!! I probably spent about 45.00 purchasing all the goods for the rebates, so for a double profit, that's worth the time spent couponing and shopping, dontcha think?

Oh, also in my mailbox --coupons for fruit from Vocalpoint, my free Shutterfly photo book I ordered last week, and a coupon for a box of free Fruitabu (organic smooshed fruit snacks for kids)!! What a great day :)

Monday, November 16, 2009

Safeway Morningstar and Quaker granola bar Deal

While I was shopping at Safeway today, I came across some new Morningstar recipe booklets which have several 2.00 coupons on the back page. The booklets were on the door in the frozen food aisle. The spinach and veggie nuggets are clearance marked at 2.49, so with the coupon they are .49!

Also, I bought a couple of Quaker chewy granola bars which were priced .99 w/ the Safeway coupon. There is a 1.00/2 m.q. coupon available here
This makes each box just .50 cents. Also, when I bought the two boxes, a Catalina coupon (the coupons that print out with your receipt) printed out w/ my receipt for another 1.00/2 boxes so I can do the deal yet again and stock up on granola bars at a great price!