Friday, November 27, 2009

My Rite Aid Holiday of Savings Update

Remember the Rite Aid Holiday Gift of Savings I talked about before? Well after my Black Friday shopping trip today, I am already 1/3 of the way there and I haven't spent a dime! Actually, I'm already making money via the Single Check Rebate (SCR) program. Here's where my tally is at right now:

Huggies Pure and Natural Diapers 11.99
Phillips In Ear Headphones 4.99
Luvs Jumbo pack diapers 9.99
Benevia Nutritional Drink 7.99
Subtotal = 34.96

-11.99 Huggies Free Diaper Voucher (won on Huggies Enjoy the Ride Website)
-5.00 Luvs Diaper Coupon (home mailer from a while back)
-5.00 Benevia IP coupon
= 12.97 + 2.88 tax = 15.85, paid w/ 10.00 Gift Card and 5.85 oop (out of pocket), but will get back 17.98 in SCR.

7.99 Benevia SCR
3.00 Huggies SCR
2.00 Luvs SCR
4.99 Phillips Headphone SCR

Total Savings = 39.97
Total = $5.00 Money maker (actually more like a 13.00 moneymaker for me since I paid with a gift card I got for free from a promotion they had last month!) Plus the pre-coupon total (i.e. 34.96) will go towards my 100.00 goal for the Gift of Savings, which when I reach that, means I'll get another 20.00 gift certificate. I still have the 20.00 gift certificate from the Fall Gift of Savings, which I am debating on what to spend it on. The only kicker with the Gift of Savings Program is that the 20.00 comes in the form of a gift certificate good only at Rite Aid and you have to spend it in one transaction. This won't be hard to do since it's the holiday season and I can easily stock up on holiday decorations/gift wrap/stocking stuffers, etc. and again, that purchase will roll into the new Holiday Gift of Savings program (Whew, are you confused yet? ;)

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