Monday, November 23, 2009

In my mailbox

To all you new couponers out there, be encouraged! Mail in rebates really do work!

Today, in my mailbox, I received a 10.00 gift card to Rite Aid for a promotion they had in their October Single check rebate program; a 20.00 check from Olay for their eye roller deal last month (which double counted for my 100.00 Rite Aid Gift of Savings reward); (2) 5.00 checks from SC Johnson for purchasing candles at Kmart when they had their double coupon days back at the end of September (or was it beginning of October? I can't remember anymore!) I also have my 64.00 Single Check Rebate check from October that's still waiting to be deposited. So that's 104+ dollars I have!! I probably spent about 45.00 purchasing all the goods for the rebates, so for a double profit, that's worth the time spent couponing and shopping, dontcha think?

Oh, also in my mailbox --coupons for fruit from Vocalpoint, my free Shutterfly photo book I ordered last week, and a coupon for a box of free Fruitabu (organic smooshed fruit snacks for kids)!! What a great day :)

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