Monday, August 17, 2009

CVS this week

So here's my breakdown of my CVS trip from yesterday:

Transaction #1:
2 Composition books= 1.98
get 1.98 ecbs
final price = free

Blink tears (like Visine) 7.99
- (3.00 q)
get 7.99 ecbs
final price= $3 money maker

2 pencil boxes 3.98 (as advertised in ad)
get 3.98 ecbs
final price=free

1 Johnson & Johnson 1st aid kit .99 - (1.00 q)
1 Johnson & Johnson 1st aid kit .99 -(1.00 q)
get 2.00 ecbs
final price - $2 money maker

2 paper refill 1.98
get 1.98 ecbs
final price = free

Emeral nuts trail mix pack 1.00

I also used a $4 off $20 purchase coupon, and
I used 13.99 in ECBs I already had. So after all my coupons
my subtotal was -.04. I had to pay tax. That's it. And I got back 18.00
in ECBs.

Transaction #2 (the one I was really excited about)

1 Loreal advanced revitalizer wrinkle repair 14.99
1 Loreal revitalizer facial cleanser 5.99
- 5.00 printable coupon available here
-4/20 coupon available in CVS's coupon booklet from the pharmacy in back
-1.00 printable coupon available from their website as well. (link is posted above). When you click on the link above, just go to the lower left corner where it says "special offers and savings" and print out the 5.00 and 1.00 coupons.
Subtotal after coupons= 10.98. I paid with the ecbs I made in the previous transaction :).
SO, got it all FREE!!
(Well, again I paid tax (1.40) out of pocket because I didn't want to waste a 2.00 ecb that I have for 1.40 of tax.)

For those of you who don't collect the weekly coupon inserts from newspapers ,this is still a good deal for you to get in on because the coupons are printables from Loreal's website. Then, you get some good skincare stuff and you get in on the ecb action. A great place to start.

AND, I still have 20.00 in ecbs for my next purchases.

And c'mon, WHO doesn't want FREE skincare products? Who doesn't want to prevent wrinkles? Maybe I'm slightly obsessed with taking good care of my skin, but so be it. I will do everything I can (within frugal limits!) to take good care of my skin and what better way to do it than free? :)

Also, you might be asking "What does she need all those school supplies for?" I don't need them. Well, some of them I keep for my son's craft projects but most of them I donate to local schools and have them give them to whatever kids are in need at their school. It's my way of being able to donate to the community but do it within my family's budget.

So there you have it. My CVS trip for the week.

Stay tuned for my Kmart deal I did today!

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