Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Special Savemart trip

I think I may scratch a few items off my Safeway list and head over to Savemart for some extra savings on the way home from Safeway. My list will look like this:

EarthGrains Bread 2.49
use .55/1 coupon
final price 1.94

Bananas .49/lbx2= .98

Iceberg Lettuce 3/.99 --will make Iceberg wedge salads with Buttermilk herb dressing from Cooking Light's August issue. Click here for the recipe.
use 1.00 produce q wyb(when you buy) Earthgrains bread
final price: free

Prawn's 4.99 lb x 1 = 4.99--will make Cooking light's Jerk Shrimp recipe to go with my wedge salad. Click here for the recipe

Might buy my ground turkey and/or ground chuck from here, depending on Safeway's prices.

My total should be about 8.00, I'll be getting free lettuce, and I'll shave off almost 11.00 at Safeway (6.99 shrimp, 2.49ish bread, 1.44 bananas)

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  1. Courtney! I LOVE YOUR WEBSITE! I told my Dad about it and now it's on his favorite list too. Keep up the good work!