Friday, August 28, 2009

Super Safeway Trip

Remember how I posted my anticipated Safeway cereal deal on Wednesday? Well I finally made it to the store today for a quick trip and my deal ended up being even sweeter, because I realized that Kashi's Honey Sunshine cereal was included in the cereal deal. Here's how it went:

Post Honey Bunches of Oats=3.00
Post Honey Bunches of Oats=3.00
Special K Blueberry= 3.00
Kashi Honey Sunshine=3.00
Kix cereal = 2.50
- 5.00 off when you buy 5 cereals (store promotion)
-3.00 Free Kashi Honey sunshine coupon from Vocalpoint
-1.00 Special K blueberry coupon here
-.75 Kix coupon here
-2.00 Post HBO coupon here
-2.00 Post HBO coupon here
Total = .75 or .81 with tax =
16 cents per box!!!!!!
During that trip I also got 2 free bags of salad, some bananas, apples, avocados (with a .50 coupon), and an eggplant for a veggie lasagna I'm making tonight. I also used a 1.00 off total purchase coupon I had from buying 2 single servings of shells and cheese (had a BOGO coupon so got both for .60 each) during a previous trip.

My total: 7.05 for everything pictured!

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