Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Grocery Day

I try and do my grocery shopping on Wednesdays, because that's when all the grocery store sale ads come out each week. If you don't get the paper, you can look at them online, just go to, or,, you get the idea. I don't usually shop at Savemart, but they have some good deals this week which I'll post about a little later.

Here's what my Safeway list is looking like right now. Oh, and I should just put it out there that while many blogs will post about fabulous deals on fruit snacks and packaged or processed foods, I try and limit my house's intake of that stuff, so while I may post about a few deals of that nature, most of the time I will bypass them and save my money by making healthful snacks myself or sticking with the good 'ol fashioned snack of fruits or veggies (carrots with peanut butter, anyone? ;) I will also spend more money on fish and fresh meats because I think it's important to eat nutritiously, not just cheap.

Safeway 8/12

General Mills Cheerios and Nature Valley Granola bars 4/$6

buy 2 cereal
buy 2 granola bars (one of them the nut clusters if part of deal)
use coupons:
1.00/1 nut clusters (if part of deal) from
1.00/2 General Mills cereals from,(click on link above)
.40/1 Nature Valley granola bar (
final price: .90 each!

Van de Kamp's fish portions
use 3.00 coupon from

Fresh Express Complete Salad Kit BOGO (buy one get one free) 4.29
*use $2.00/2 coupon from tearpad I previously got at a grocery store-savemart in Tahoe I think
final price: 2.29 for 2

Kraft salad dressing 2/5.00
-1.00 Kraft q
final price: 2/4.00**see note by produce

1 lb Large Raw Shrimp 6.99

Earth Grain's 100% Natural Wheat Bread
use .55 coupon
**see note by produce

Bananas .77/lb (not great, but not going to Winco just for 'nanas)
nectarines, 1.49/lb
use 1.00 off produce coupon from Kraft's 1.00 off produce when you buy 2 dressings coupon
use 1.00 off produce coupon from EarthGrain's 1.00 off produce when you buy their bread

ground chuck 1 lb
**see cheese coupon below

Jenni O's turkey, b1g1f
use 2.00 off fresh meat when you buy 3 kraft products coupon (traded from Hot coupon world)

parmesan cheese or cheddar cheese
use .55 coupon from buy fresh beef, get .55 off real CA cheese

price check :
laughing cow cheese (use 1.00/produce q if I buy that)
Buitoni ready pasta (use 1.00/q)
Kellogg's cereals
If Kellogg's cereals are on sale, I can pair the sale price with (2) .75/1 box of mini wheats cereals, 1.00/2 Kellog's Special K cereals, and the Kellogg's Fuel for school 10.00 rebate you get when you buy 10 kellog's products in 1 transaction. I could score some free juice that way with my 2.00 off Ocean Spray juice when you buy 2 Kellog's mini wheats cereal coupon I have.

OK, that's my main list. I may supplement with more items if I spot some great deals. I think I should spend about 35.00 for this week's groceries. Not too bad.

Please feel free to post comments, recipes, suggestions, etc. anytime you like!!

Oh, and while you're on, don't forget to print your Kashi coupons out to use them at Target and stock up on some healthy and tasty Kashi cereals! There is a 1.50/2 boxes and a 1.00/1 box of granola bars. (And take that Kashi coupon, too!) I will shamelessly plug Kashi because they don't use artificial ingredients in their products. They actually use healthy ingredients!

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