Monday, August 31, 2009

My weekend loot

I'm pretty happy with how this week's trips to CVS and Target went. Besides the Sensodyne and Aquafresh Iso-active toothpaste CVS didn't have in stock yet, I was able to get everything I wanted for the week!

transaction #1:

Gillette Fusion Razor-8.99
Gilette men's shampoo-3.99
Glade Fragrance Reed diffuser-6.99
-2.00 razor coupon
-free shampoo coupon(4.99-yes that's right, they deducted the regular price, not the sale price for the shampoo, so an extra 1.00 taken off!)
-3.00 glade coupon
Total 9.98, paid with 10 ecbs.
Got back: 3ecbs, 1 ecb, 6.99 ecbs = 10.99 in ecbs!!

transaction #2:
1 gallon milk- 1.99
1 6pack mini Almond Joys-.77
-.50 milk coupon
total = 2.26, paid w/ 2 ecbs and .26 change (needed milk and didn't want to make a separate trip to the grocery store. We ususally buy dairy-less milk, such as almond milk or rice milk, but we made an exception this week.

And, my little transaction for my Vornado loving husband:
1 Vornado air circulator fan-26.49 (regularly 52.99!!)
used my 11 ecbs from 1st transaction and paid just 13.00 oop (out of pocket) for a 53 dollar fan! We have one in the boys' room and now one in our room and it's a great sound machine to help us sleep, plus it circulates the air in the room really well.

And on to Target. . .I did my Target shopping trip after dropping my husband and oldest son off at the park to set up their kites to go kite flying :)

In my 20 minute shopping trip I rounded up:
2 boxes Special K crackers
2 boxes Special K chocolate pretzel bars
subtotal - 14.56
-(2) .75/1 box bars q
-(2) .50/1 Target Special K snack coupons
-(2) 1.00/1 Special K crackers q
-(2) .50/1 Target Special K snack coupons)

New Total- 4.06, received 5.00 gift card for promotional offer!

Transaction #2:
Huggies Jumbo pack diapers - 8.99
Boost Kid Essentials drink - 7.99
Motts Apple Juice - 1.83
Hefty 1 zip bags .97
-1.50 Target huggies q
-1.50 manuf. huggies q
-1.00 Hefty q
- 5.00 Boost manuf. q
-2.00 Target Boost q
Total w tax= 9.48- 5.00 gift card = 4.48 out of pocket!!!!

After our quick Target trip, off we went to have a fun evening of kite flying at the park. Can't get much better than that!

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