Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Attention all Mall shoppers and What Not to Wear lovers!

Enter for your chance to win a shopping spree with the What Not to Wear t.v. show crew HERE. The t.v. show is partnering with a mall corporation GGP, Bank of America, and Express clothing, touring the country and having a 2,500 shopping spree and trip to New York City sweepstakes.

Is it a long shot? Yeah.

Would it be great to win 2,500 and a trip to NYC? Oh yeah.

OR, you could cash in and get $5,000 and forgo the trip to NYC. Oh yeah.

One can dream!

Another part of the same deal is if you spend 75.00 at a participating mall between Sept. 17th and 20th, you can go the the mall office and get a 10.00 gift card. So, if you plan on doing some shopping this weekend, keep that in mind.

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