Friday, September 18, 2009

Free Chocolate Friday

Don't forget to go to to sign up for your FREE Mars candy bar. Yep, totally free either snickers, milky way, twix, 3 musketeers, or M&Ms. Hurry and head over there, as they limit the number of coupons they send out each friday and they usually run out by early afternoon.
I like to use "free item" coupons at CVS to help increase my pre-coupon price to get me to 20.00, 25.00, or some other number so that I can use my $4/20 or $5/25 CVS store coupon that prints out on my cash register tape (CRT). Does that make sense? By doing this I end up paying nearly nothing oop (out of pocket) after all coupons which is always my goal.

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