Monday, September 14, 2009

Once a month cooking

My new interest venture is once a month cooking. Although I've heard about doing bulk meal preparation before, it seemed daunting, very time and effort consuming, and well, just difficult. However, with having 2 little ones now, working 2 evenings a week, and being an avid coupon clipper, meal preparation has become more of a daily task rather than a truly pleasurable daily experience. I wanted something that helped me make this daily task more efficient and less stressful. Upon my research into how I can become more efficient in daily dinner making, I came across Here, Tricia lays out everything you need to plan a month's worth of meals: menu plans, shopping lists, cooking day layouts, and even food labels are included on this website. Because I am trying to include minimal red meat for our family's meals, I can easily substitute chicken or some other alternative for the beef recipes. She even gives ideas on how to substitute or alter recipes to make them more friendly for your own family.
Also on her website, she has meals/instructions on doing once a month cooking for your baby. . .she divides her menus into 6-8 month purees, 8-10 month foods, etc. and even plans meals according to what produce is in season! How fabulous for a mom of a 6 month old like me!
I plan on doing this once a month menu starting next week, as this week is busy with final plans for my sister's baby shower. I will keep you aprised as to how it goes! If anyone is interested in doing once a month cooking with me, just email me :) We can cook together!

So, until my life is once again in the spot where meal preparation is a calming, exciting, and art-like experience (yes, it once was for me!) I will be working on getting healthy, nutrutious, yet delicious meals on the table for me and my 3 boys :)

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