Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Rite aid, finally!

Seems like my local couponing buddies swiped most of the diapers at Rite Aid, but I was able to gather up 3 in the sizes I needed. Here's what my scenario ended up looking like:

Store 1: Paid 5.11 w/ tax. Will get back 6.99 in rebates
-3.00 q
-6.99 SCR(single check rebate)
final price: 3.00 mm (moneymaker!)

Seattle's Best dark chocolate-.67 (marked down from 2.69)
Clean & Clear makeup removing facial wash -4.50
-3.00 mq
-2.00 RA adperks q
final price: .50 mm!

Store 2 (because store 1 was out of my diapers!) paid 14.70 (11.98 +2.72 tax). Will get back $10 Huggies rebate, and I am just $2.50 away (pre coupon amount) from getting a $5 rebate for Rite Aid's fall gift of savings rebates. 4.70 for 3 packs of diapers isn't bad (that's .05 per diaper !), and if I get another good deal in the next couple of weeks and qualify for the fall gift of savings rebates (don't forget, this is separate from the single check rebate I'll be getting for the diapers and proantinox), the diapers will end up being free!
Huggies Pure and Natural- 11.00
Huggies Supreme Natural fit- 11.00
Huggies Supreme Natural fit -11.00
Wheat thins 4 oz-.99
Wheat thins 4 oz-.99
- 5/25 RA q
-5/25 RA Health purchase
-3.00 Huggies mq
-2.00 Huggies mq
- 2.00 Huggies mq
-3.00 RA perks Huggies q
-3.00 RA perks Huggies q
-1.00 wheat thins q (printed last week)
- 1.00 wheat thins q (printed last week)

Links to coupons:
3.00 pure and natural here. Print 2 or 3
2.00 any Huggies here (see coupon printing tutorial below if this doesn't print for you)
$5/$25 Rite Aid here
Rite Aid Huggies q here (get Proantinox and clean and clear q's here too)
*the $5/$25 and the $2 Rite Aid huggies q are coupons you print from Ad Perks. Ad Perks is a program Rite Aid does where you watch short commercials on their site and then you get a store coupon afterwards. You can pick which commercials you want to watch. For instance, if you want a Huggies coupon, you click on Huggies, etc. Pretty self explanatory.

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