Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Printing Bricks Coupons from Firefox

The internet browser that I use is Firefox. Often times when I go to print a "bricks" coupon it takes me to a page that says "Please Wait". . .I wait, and wait, and wait, and no coupon!! Bricks coupons are internet printable coupons that are often high value and therefore very popular. They circulate the coupon world quickly and are very helpful to us who love to ave money. Anyhoo, after having this problem frustrate me to no end, I googled it and found that different browsers have different "languages variants" in the url space. By simply changing the "wi" or "vi" to a "wg" it magically prints the coupon! SOOOO, if you use Firefox, remember to "wg" the link. If you use Internet Explorer make sure there's a "wi" or "vi". Same with AOL.

Hope that coupon printing tutorial helps!

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  1. thanks! I have been having the same problem, now I know!